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Fri Feb 22 09:06:37 PST 2013

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for this update. I will test your example as soon as I can.

Can you explain how to switch the ISA that Graal generates code for? For example, if I wanted to switch from using x86 as the backend(the default) to using SPARC, PTX or my own ISA, what would I have to modify? Is there a command line parameter (to be applied at build or run time) for specifying the target ISA?


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I've committed and pushed the basic PTX example. After running "./ --vm server build" and "./ --vm server unittest BasicPTXTest" you should get the output I pasted in below. The "--vm server" flag means that you are using Graal in hosted mode running on top of HotSpot's server compiler. You can also start the unit test from within Eclipse after generating Eclipse project files with "./ ideinit".

Note that the example is still very basic and we'll need more restructuring of the compiler backend to nicely work with GPU architectures. But we have to start with *something* ;).

- thomas

running tests in
JUnit version 4.8
.0: int
.entry test1Snippet (	
	.param .u32 param0
) {	
	  .reg .pred %p;
	  .reg .u32 %r<16>;
	mov.s32 %r0, %r6;
	add.s32 %r0, %r0, 1;
} at 665df3c6

Time: 0.03

OK (1 test) 

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