Doug Simon doug.simon at
Wed Jun 26 12:02:37 PDT 2013

That's a generated source file. This is an issue we've seen getting Eclipse to run the annotation processors properly. Selecting the impacted projects (i.e. those with build errors) in the Package Explorer and force rebuilding them (Project -> Clean...) should fix the problem.

On Jun 26, 2013, at 8:37 PM, "Venkatachalam, Vasanth" <Vasanth.Venkatachalam at> wrote:

> After merging with the latest default trunk, I'm getting some build errors in eclipse.
> For example, the file is importing,
> Eclipse complains that this import cannot be resolved. I checked the disk and didn't find any source file for the BinaryNodeTestFactory package.
> Has this file been checked in?
> Vasanth

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