question about testing arrays

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Hi Thomas,

I tried running the following similar test case inside BasicPTXTest:

     public static int arraysquares(int array1[]) {

     return array1[0];

When I run this in PTX mode, I get the error below. Can you explain how to get past this in PTX?
I was initially seeing the same error in HSAIL until I implemented the Guard instruction, at which point I got the "ICMP receiving a constant" error alluded to earlier.


1) test1( java.lang.InternalError: NYI
        at node: 18|!Guard

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No, the issue is caused by the operand to the compare instruction not expecting a constant but a register. This is why I was asking you if an operand to an HSAIL compare instruction may also be a constant directly? Or does HSAIL require the constant be loaded into a register first?

- thomas

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