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Am 06.03.2013 um 20:20 schrieb "Venkatachalam, Vasanth" <Vasanth.Venkatachalam at>:
> Following the instructions in I ran "mx ideinit".
> However, I don't see  a .project file generated in the top directory. I created a new Eclipse project and imported all the directories at the top level, but the integration wasn't as seamless as I expected.
> ...
> It looks like I may have to configure Eclipse to pick up on dependencies that have been manually specified in the mx/projects file.
> Can someone explain the proper way to configure the Eclipse environment? I looked around for additional documentation but the above link was all I found.

generally, running mx ideinit (or mx eclipseinit) is enough to set up all .project files you need. There is no .project file in the top-level directory; they are some levels below (in the graal/ directories, one per project).

You do not need to create an Eclipse project and import other projects into that. Please do this:
* clone the Graal repository into, say, ~/graal
* start Eclipse and choose that directory as the workspace
* File -> Import ... -> Mercurial -> Projects from local repository
* select the ~/graal directory
* select all projects that appear

... that should do it.




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