configuring eclipse for graal

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Doug, I'm following your instructions and wanted to makes sure I'm on the right track here.

I've cloned the graal repository into a directory: /home/tester/mygraal/graal. In other words, this directory contains the subfolders: agent/, build/, graal/, hotspot/ etc which were checked out of mercurial.
I set my Eclipse workspace to /home/tester/mygraal/graal

I went to File->Import->ProjectsfromLocalMercurialRepository and browsed for the workspace /home/tester/mygraal/graal

When I selected this, only one Project appeared in the Projects window, namely graal (/home/tester/mygraal/graal). Is this what I should be seeing?
If I hit Finish, I get an Invalid project description error, /home/tester/mygraal/graal overlaps the workspace location /home/tester/mygraal/graal.


Creating and Importing the Maxine Eclipse projects
Run mx ideinit to create the Eclipse (and NetBeans) project configurations for all the Java projects in the Graal workspace.

You use the Import Wizard to import the created/updated projects.

>From the main menu bar, select File > Import... to open the Import Wizard. 
Select Mercurial > Projects from Local Mercurial Repository and click Next. 
Click the Browse... button to locate the Graal workspace. 
Under Projects select all the projects. 
Click Finish to complete the import.

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> Vasanth,
> Am 06.03.2013 um 20:20 schrieb "Venkatachalam, Vasanth" <Vasanth.Venkatachalam at>:
>> Following the instructions in I ran "mx ideinit".
>> However, I don't see  a .project file generated in the top directory. I created a new Eclipse project and imported all the directories at the top level, but the integration wasn't as seamless as I expected.
>> ...
>> It looks like I may have to configure Eclipse to pick up on dependencies that have been manually specified in the mx/projects file.
>> Can someone explain the proper way to configure the Eclipse environment? I looked around for additional documentation but the above link was all I found.
> generally, running mx ideinit (or mx eclipseinit) is enough to set up all .project files you need. There is no .project file in the top-level directory; they are some levels below (in the graal/ directories, one per project).
> You do not need to create an Eclipse project and import other projects into that. Please do this:
> * clone the Graal repository into, say, ~/graal
> * start Eclipse and choose that directory as the workspace
> * File -> Import ... -> Mercurial -> Projects from local repository
> * select the ~/graal directory
> * select all projects that appear

I've put these instructions into the wiki:


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