my steps to build graal in eclipse

Venkatachalam, Vasanth Vasanth.Venkatachalam at
Thu Mar 7 08:58:41 PST 2013


I am able to successfully build the Graal Java sources in Eclipse. Below are the steps I followed.

There are slight differences from the wiki instructions at

In the Eclipse import step, I actually did Import->Existing Projects Into Workspace instead of Import->Mercurial->Projects from Local Repository.
Also I've indicated below which directory to select as the root directory for the import, and what projects appear in the Eclipse window when you select this.
I think it would be useful to mention these details on the wiki. One of the steps that confused me was the one that said "Click the Browse... button to choose the $GRAAL directory".
There are two graal/ directories, a top level one which contains agent/, hotspot, visualizer., etc. and a subfolder within it also called graal/, containing just the Graal api packages. I was initially unsure which of these should be the root directory for the import, but finally selected the latter one graal/graal/ and everything worked.

Doug, I would be happy to update your wiki instructions with additional clarifying details based on my approach . I think this will be helpful for others.
Let me know if I may go ahead and do so.


1Create a folder "mygraal" and into it a do a fresh clone. This could be anywhere on your disk.

At the end of the clone you should see the subdirectory mygraal/graal/ which contains the folders agent/, graal/, hotspot/ etc.

2) cd into mygraal/graal/ directory and run ./ ideinit.

3) Install Eclipse and edit eclipse.ini to specify the JVM version that Eclipse will be run with.

4) Start Eclipse and create an eclipse workspace in a directory of your choice. I did this in a different directory graalworkspace/.separate from the folder where I've checked out graal.

5) Install the Eclipse-CS,  CDT and MercurialEclipse plugins if you have not done so.

5)  In the Eclipse file menu, Import->Existing Projects Into Graal.

Eclipse will ask to select the root directory of the projects to import.

Select the directory, mygraal/graal/graal/. Note: this is the subfolder within the top level graal/ directory which contains only the Graal related APIs such as,, etc.

After you have selected this as the root directory, in the eclipse window you should see all the folders within mygraal/graal/graal/ appear as separate projects. Deselect the* projects as they are not needed for the build, but make sure everything else is selected. Hit finish.

6) Eclipse will automatically build the Graal Java sources with no further configuration needed.

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