tool or option for viewing LIR nodes

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Some more context to my question.

I've added a Graal backend for HSAIL code generation. I'm debugging the codegen for a test case where running with the --vm server option produces some incorrect results. 
Thus I'd like to view the nodes that are produced when running with the mx --vm server option.

It looks like the c1visualizer tool can't be used with --vm server. Is there another tool that can help?

I had a similar issue with the IdealGraphVisualizer. The -G:Dump= option isn't recognized when running with --vm server.


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On 05/03/2013 09:23 AM, Venkatachalam, Vasanth wrote:
> Is there a tool or option that would allow us to view the LIR nodes that Graal generates for a program?


Graal can output the graph, LIR, register allocator liveness information, and machine code in the format required by the Client Compiler Visualizer. As the name implies, the tool was originally written to visualize the data structures of the Java HotSpot client compiler.

You can get it here:

The output is controlled the same ways as the output to the Ideal Graph Visualizer, i.e., the -G:Dump= flag.  In addition, I think you have to also pass -G:+PrintCFG

The tool is file-based, i.e., you get .cfg files in your working directory that you can load with the c1visualizer.


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