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Thomas Wuerthinger thomas.wuerthinger at
Fri May 17 17:30:32 PDT 2013

Currently, this is not possible, but we can easily add that. Graal does not inline if it believes based on the probability of the invoke and the complexity of the called method that inlining is not worth it. So, you would like to see a version of Graal that inlines everything and throws a bailout exception if either the maximum desired size is exceeded or if there is still an invoke left that cannot be inlined (e.g., because it is megamorphic)?

- thomas

On May 17, 2013, at 4:45 PM, "Deneau, Tom" <tom.deneau at> wrote:

> Is there a flag that will make Graal inline everything regardless of size or other policies?
> When I tried increasing MaximumDesiredSize I still saw nodes generated  like the following
> 	at node: 12|Invoke#Direct#computeAcc
> -- Tom

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