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Tue May 28 10:54:17 PDT 2013

On May 28, 2013, at 9:08 AM, Mick Jordan <Mick.Jordan at> wrote:

> On 5/28/13 8:13 AM, Deneau, Tom wrote:
>> What would be the best command line to use to see what kind of inlining decisions are being made in graal?
>> -- Tom
> This works for me:
> -G:Log=InliningDecisions

I've added PrintInlining some time ago.  It produces similar output as the one you already know from HotSpot.  It also includes Graal's inlining decisions.

      0    5             java.lang.String::replace(char, char) (127 bytes)
                                @ 1  java.lang.Object.<init>():void (1 bytes)   trivial (nodes=4)
                              @ 121  java.lang.String.<init>(char[], boolean):void (15 bytes)   relevance-based (relevance=0.994558, nodes=10)

(Note:  it's up-side down because of some recent changes in the inlining policy.  It will be fixed at some point.)

-- Chris

> Mick

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