Webrev related to JavaCallArguments

Caspole, Eric Eric.Caspole at amd.com
Mon Aug 11 13:01:14 UTC 2014

Hi everybody,
I put up a new webrev -


It seems in the JavaCallArguments class there is some kind of assumption that there are less than 8 args when you call the default constructor.
In this change I use the constructor that takes the args length to avoid the assert shown below, when there are more than 8 arguments. I included a new test that is usually successful to trigger the problem by having a longer running kernel with 9 arguments that notices a safepoint and would assert while handling the never-rans in the cleanup using the current code.

Also in this webrev I snuck in a TraceTime around kernel generation, it is handy for us to see ow long this takes for various kernels.


#5  report_vm_error (file=0x7ff50d10a2d8 
line=505, error_msg=0x7ff50d10a3e0 "guarantee(_is_oop[_pos++] == type) 
failed", detail_msg=0x7ff50d10a3b0 "signature does not match pushed 
arguments") at 
#6  0x00007ff50c9d49b2 in check_value (this=<optimized out>, 
type=<optimized out>) at 
#7  check_value (type=true, this=<optimized out>) at 
#8  check_obj (this=0x7ff50e307370, t=<optimized out>) at 
#9  SignatureChekker::do_array (this=0x7ff50e307370, begin=<optimized 
out>, end=<optimized out>) at 

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