amdkfd-0.8 lacks fedora packages :-(

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Mon Aug 18 12:27:28 UTC 2014

Jules --

I have not tried Fedora but I will forward your request to the right people here...

-- Tom

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sorry to go a bit off-topic, but could not figure out where else to post this question.

I'm a long-time Fedora user.

I'm writing a library that uses HSA.

I gratefully migrated my Kaveri-based dev box from Ubuntu to Fedora Rawhide with the 0.6.1 release of amdkfd.

Now amdkfd has moved forward to 0.8 and seems to have dropped support for Fedora :-(

I'd rather not have to migrate back again...

Can anyone on the list enlighten me as to whether I am wasting my time trying to run HSA/Fedora ? My understanding was that Fedora 22 (now only a few weeks away from alpha) was going to be an HSA friendly distro but, I am beginning to have doubts (the latest 3.17 rawhide kernel does not seem to have HSA support) - have things changed underfoot ?

many thanks,


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