Huge Performance Regression introduced September 18th

Stefan Marr java at
Tue Nov 18 21:49:57 UTC 2014


I got a problem with a change introduced on September 18th.
It introduces a >10x performance regression on my Mandelbrot benchmark.

The last working and fast revision is

Afterwards you got
which just result in errors when Graal is trying to compile my benchmark.

And the next working version is:
[Add trusted interface concept and use it for WordBase, fix a NPE and some tests]

Perhaps those changes again point out bugs in TruffleSOM, so would be good if someone could explain me what is going on there.

On a recent Graal, you can see Mandelbrot being really slow by getting the source like usually:

git clone --recursive
cd TruffleSOM
ant jar
../graal/mxtool/mx —vm server vm -Xbootclasspath/a:build/classes:libs/truffle.jar som.vm.Universe -cp Smalltalk Examples/Benchmarks/BenchmarkHarness.som Mandelbrot 1000 0 750


Stefan Marr
INRIA Lille - Nord Europe

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