+TraceTruffleCompilation: More detailed infos on optimization

Gero Leinemann gero.leinemann at oracle.com
Mon Sep 29 13:51:54 UTC 2014

Hi all,

when checking FastR programs with "+TraceTruffleCompilation" and looking 
at the output only it's currently impossible to 100% identify
a) the function which got called and
b) from where it got called,
as "CallTarget.toString()" offers only limited information (and only 
about the callee).

I locally added the parameter "SourceSection callSrc" from 
"OptimizedCallTarget.compile" all the way down to 
"OptimizedCallTargetLog.logOptimizingDone" which turned out to be 
tremendously helpful. This is of course very language specific, but I 
can imagine that others have the same problem, too.

If yes, I'd suggest to find a generic solution for language implementors 
to add information to the output, even if it's only for debugging purposes.
Would that make sense?


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