sumatra/graal build instructions

Jules Gosnell jules_gosnell at
Sat Feb 14 12:53:38 UTC 2015

over xmas I rebuilt my ci server and hsa box on fedora 21, I upgraded to 
kfd-1.0 and took some time out - so I'm not sure whether I have a os / 
kfd or bit-rot issue...

I've had a problem building sumatra, which I fixed last night by rolling 
back to gnu make 3.81.

I'm now having a problem with the graal build.

my build script, which produced a vm which understood all the graal cli 
flags before xmas, now produces a vm which does not seem to know 
anything about graal...

I'm following the instructions  at:

I note that the unit test 'hsail.test.IntAddTest' no longer seems to 
exist, so the instructions seem to be outdated. Is there anything else 
that I am missing for building a working sumatra/graal stack ?

many thanks,


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