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Fri Jun 19 18:20:57 UTC 2015

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your feedback. We really appreciate this.

Ad 1,4) I will leave these for Jaroslav as I think he needs to revamp 
the options system for multi tenancy anyway. TruffleOptions is indeed 
not a nice solution and I hope we can integrate it into a new options 

Ad 2) In general I also like these kind of abstractions to avoid 
mistakes but I think in this case we should rather not box the 
probability value into an object. It would give us very little benefit 
and quite some complexity in the Truffle/Graal intrinisc implementation. 
Besides that, most guest languages are not using it directly. Instead 
they use ConditionProfile#createCountingProfile().

Ad 3) I agree. Will fix it for ReplaceObserver. Michael Van De Vanter 
can you fix this for SourceListener?

Ad 5,6) I will leave these for Michael Van De Vanter as well.

Please don't hesitate to shoot with more feedback at us :-)

- Christian Humer

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Subject: Truffle API feedback

>Hi, folks,
>I've been poking around randomly in the Truffle sources, and made a few
>notes on places where the API could be cleaner (which I think Jarda 
>is actively working on):
>1a.  CompilerOptions.setOption(String name, Object value);
>would be easier to use if it returned CompilerOptions instead of void, 
>method chaining can be used.  In general, any time something like this
>returns void, you're throwing away an opportunity to make calling code 
>1b. A cleaner and safer pattern would be:
>public abstract class CompilerOption<T> {
>    protected abstract void validate(T value) throws SomeException;
>//because you can
><T> CompilerOptions.setOption(CompilerOption<T>, T value);
>and let people define static fields with CompilerOption instances.
>That would be typesafe and would eliminate typos in string names.  And
>would probably allow language authors to factor their option processing
>more cleanly than a big switch statement.
>2. CompilerDirectives.injectBranchProbability(double probability, 
>condition) and the constants such as LIKELY_PROBABILITY
>You're better off with a Probability class that hides the floating 
>There's no particular reason this sort of computation needs to be 
>point, and if it does, you're still better off with
>Probability.isMoreLikelyThan(otherProbability) or
>More flexibility later, you can put bounds on legal values (what would 
>probability of Float.MIN_VALUE mean?  Make that impossible), and it's
>3.  ReplaceObserver.nodeReplaced - observer/listener methods are 
>clearer if
>named on$EVENT, e.g. onNodeReplaced - so if implemented as a mix-in, it 
>still obvious that this method responds to an event.
>Same for SourceListener, and probably other things named *Listener /
>4.  Should TruffleOptions really have world-writable static fields?
>5.  BytesDecoder.decode() - should probably return CharSequence, not
>String.  With CharSequence you keep the option of avoiding a memory 
>with an implementation of CharSequence over the raw array bytes.
>Once it's String, you can never go back.  Same for Source.getCode().
>6.  Source.setFileCaching() - this does not look like it should be API.
>Maybe some attribute of whatever is using the Graal API on 
>(perhaps user code -> language -> truffle), but not here.

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