Interesting talks by Gilles and Chris

Raffaello Giulietti raffaello.giulietti at
Sun Jul 17 18:12:32 UTC 2016


I just happened to watch at two interesting talks, both by members of
the Graal+Truffle project at Oracle Labs. So, for the rest of us, here
are the relevant links.

The first is by Gilles Duboscq about "Speculative optimizations in the
Graal Just-In-Time compiler". Besides an interesting discussion about
some optimizations and how they interplay with deoptimizations, the
takeaway is that Gilles and company managed to reduce the memory
footprint for deoptimization metadata of the Truffle based JavaScript
implementation by around 90%, bringing it on par with that of Java! I
think this is a terrific achievement.

The second talk is by Chris Seaton about "JRuby+Truffle, Why it’s
important to optimise the tricky parts". Chris gives convincing
arguments that idiomatic abstractions that Ruby programmers (and others
as well, I add) use everyday in real world applications and libraries
shall receive full support from the implementation and that this is
doable on Graal+Truffle with reasonable efforts.

For other interesting talks at the same event:


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