cannot compile graal with gcc 6.1 on 64bit linux and jdk 8u92

Christian Humer christian.humer at
Wed Jun 1 11:49:54 UTC 2016

Hi Mauro,

If you goal is to run ruby applications, then it might just be simpler 
to use GraalVM [1].
It is a JVMCI JDK 8 with Graal, JS, R and Ruby integrated.
The latest release is about a month old and it comes with everything 
prebuilt to be used on a 64 bit Linux.
You can find an executable to execute ruby programs with JRuby+Truffle 
in GraalVM/bin/ruby or for a shell GraalVM/bin/irb.
If you download the development kit, there are also some examples in the 
GraalVM/examples folder.


Christian Humer

On 01.06.2016 13:31:59, "Tortonesi Mauro" <mauro.tortonesi at> 

>2016-05-30 21:15 GMT+02:00 Doug Simon <doug.simon at>:
>>  Hi Mauro,
>>  As previously mentioned[1], C++11 is not (yet) supported by HotSpot.
>>  The good news is that we’re very close to having prebuilt, JVMCI 
>>enabled JDK8 binaries ready. There are remaining steps in terms of 
>>finding the appropriate location for hosting the binaries but I expect 
>>that to be resolved soon. By mid-June, I expect the binaries will be 
>>  -Doug
>>  [1] 
>Dear Doug,
>thank you very much for your kind reply. There must have been a
>misunderstanding here, so please let me clarify.
>First of all, let me state what is my objective here: I would like to
>build Graal on top of JDK 8 (version 72) on my 64-bit Arch Linux
>system. (Ultimately, I am interested in finding out if JRuby+Truffle
>can bring any significant speedup to my JRuby-based scientific
>projects: and
>From what I understand, the problem I am having is caused by the fact
>that the compiler on my system is GCC version 6.1. In fact, while GCC
>adopted the C++98 standard as default until version 6.0 (included):
>it switched to the C++14 standard as default from version 6.1:
>I had well understood from your previous e-mail (and my previous
>compilation attempts) that Graal won't compile using C++11. However, I
>gave it another try because of:
>1) Chris Seaton's implicit invitation not to give up on a Twitter 
>2) the assumption that instructing mx to use GCC in C++98 mode was not
>going to be so difficult (and the hope that some of Graal's developers
>were already using GCC version 6.1 in their day-to-day work);
>3) the fact that finding out how to compile Graal with GCC 6.1 would
>have also been valuable to other users, thus making it an issue
>deserving further investigation.
>Elaborating on the second point, I assumed it was possible to compile
>Graal with GCC 6.1 by simply using a command like:
>CXXFLAGS="-std=c++98" mx --vm server build
>However, when I grepped the mx sources for either "CFLAGS", "CC", or
>similar words I couldn't find anything. So I am guessing that mx does
>not allow to easily specify compilation parameters like make (and most
>of the other building tools that I know of) do.
>Before giving up on any further compilation attempt and waiting for
>JVMCI enabled JDK8 binaries, could I please ask you if there is an
>easy way to instruct mx to use the "-std=c++98" flag when calling GCC?
>Thank you very much again.
>Mauro Tortonesi, Ph.D.
>Assistant Professor
>Distributed Systems Research Group
>Engineering Department
>University of Ferrara

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