cannot compile graal with gcc 6.1 on 64bit linux and jdk 8u92

Roland Schatz roland.schatz at
Wed Jun 1 11:52:17 UTC 2016

On 06/01/2016 01:31 PM, Tortonesi Mauro wrote:
> 3) the fact that finding out how to compile Graal with GCC 6.1 would
> have also been valuable to other users, thus making it an issue
> deserving further investigation.
> Elaborating on the second point, I assumed it was possible to compile
> Graal with GCC 6.1 by simply using a command like:
> CXXFLAGS="-std=c++98" mx --vm server build

Oh... I wasn't aware that it's that simple ;)

In hotspot, it's CFLAGS, not CXXFLAGS. This command works on my system 
(ArchLinux with gcc 6.1):
 > CFLAGS="-std=c++98" mx build

> However, when I grepped the mx sources for either "CFLAGS", "CC", or
> similar words I couldn't find anything. So I am guessing that mx does
> not allow to easily specify compilation parameters like make (and most
> of the other building tools that I know of) do.
> Before giving up on any further compilation attempt and waiting for
> JVMCI enabled JDK8 binaries, could I please ask you if there is an
> easy way to instruct mx to use the "-std=c++98" flag when calling GCC?

mx is not doing the c++ compilation itself, it's just calling make. 
That's why you don't see any references to the C specific environment 
variables in the mx source code, all of that is in the hotspot makefiles.

- Roland

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