Bahram Yarahmadi bahram.yarahmadi at
Sun Jun 19 10:19:46 UTC 2016

Hello guys
I want to run Lambdas with stream APIs on GPUs,I have developed a backend
for graal Jit compiler which generates OpenCL C from graal IR (lamda$xx at
I have a problem with my OpenCL C host code which must be somewhere on cfg .
there are at least 4 InvokeNodes in Graal IR which are Intstream.range
IntStream.parallel 344560770.linkToTargetMethod and IntStream.ForEach ,I
omited 3 of them which are Intstream.range IntStream.parallel and
IntStream.ForEach and then tried to redirect 344560770.linkToTargetMethod
to a method which contains my openCL C host code but everytime I attempts I
get an error ,I think the problem is related to framestates and bytecode
index ....
what should I do in order to redirect this method ?
the methodCallTarget of this mehod has an constant argument which is
DirectMethodHandle at 559450121



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