Executing unknown code? Stop it after 10s!

Jaroslav Tulach jaroslav.tulach at oracle.com
Tue Jun 21 12:53:45 UTC 2016

There was a request for an enhancement of the Truffle API to shield one from 
executing foreign unknown code endlessly. 

It turned out that such functionality is already possible thanks to 
instrumentation framework and its usage in debugger API. I've just made the 
sample part of our Javadoc:

The code is now also part of the Truffle TCK - e.g. every Truffle-compliant 
language is guaranteed to support this kind of "timed out" execution:

> Added Methods
> -------------
> com.oracle.truffle.tck.TruffleTCK: method protected String countUpWhile()
> com.oracle.truffle.tck.TruffleTCK: method public void timeOutTest()

Enjoy interrupting your executions!

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