Production ready? Graal essential for JITing?

john bergin john.bergin at
Fri Jun 24 14:11:42 UTC 2016


I understand that Truffle and Graal are research projects and that there is
currently no set date for a release. But I'm wondering if there is a
Truffle commit that is considered safe for production on a standard JVM?

I'm also wondering if Graal is needed to allow a Truffle AST to be
optimized for a specific run-time context? My understand is Truffle is a
AST framework and Graal is the JIT and Graal feeds optimizations back to
the Truffle AST to suggest specific optimizations? Or maybe Truffle on its
own running on a stock JVM can allow for JITing of the Truffle AST.

Appreciate any feedback on either question.

Many thanks.

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