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Folks, the code is available as:

For review.  

Thanks Doug for helping me stage the review and for the information/methodologies about how things work.


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Hi Michael,

Great to hear of Intel’s interest in contributing to Graal! We’re very open to such collaboration and we definitely want to see the JDK9 intrinsics added to Graal.

We’ve recently switched to git for Graal development. We use the repo at for external collaboration so you can submit pull requests there. We merge PRs internally and the result is mirrored back to github as well as to (via the hg-git Mercurial extension[1]).

In terms of issue tracking, you can create issues under the GRAAL project at and use graal-dev at for discussion.

Feel free to connect with me via Skype (dougxc) for faster turn around on questions (keeping in mind I’m based in Switzerland).

We’ll discuss within the team other opportunities for further Intel collaboration with Graal.



> On 12 May 2016, at 19:41, Berg, Michael C <michael.c.berg at> wrote:
> Doug/Tom:
> Intel would like to start contributing to graal.  The open source team has indicated that the current open source intrinsics in jdk9 need to be brought into graal.  I would like to do that work.  What are your thoughts? I can start sending out code reviews once I know.  Would you like folks to follow the hotspot-dev code review methodology(jbs entries and rfe/rfr with code reviews)?  Are there other areas as well that you would like to include for Intel to implement in graal.
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> Michael

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