Hosted mode

Bahram Yarahmadi bahram.yarahmadi at
Sat May 21 14:39:30 UTC 2016

Hello guys
I am using graal in a hosted mode.I built a project and with the help of
Reflection APIs and Graal resolved types and static analysis ,I built the
Graal IR from my specific method and with openCL backend which I have,I
generated OpenCL C
I have a question
I just want to use the graal just for generating OpenCL code from some
Specific method which I personally generate Graal IR and the rest of the
program must be treated as a normal java program,What shoud I do ? Should I
generate Graal IR for the rest of the program to ?
This is the logic of my program (Just for clarifyintg )
//ResolveJavaMethod method=my specified method
//Generate graphIR from the method
//Do some Optimizations and static analysis
//Generate High opencl Backend

I don't know what to do to hook the rest of the program in a normal way


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