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Juan Fumero juan.fumero at
Mon May 23 11:24:10 UTC 2016

  I think what you want to do is something similar to this:

If so, you have two options, run the GPU code (previously optimised by
Graal) and the host code (OpenCL terminology) in a normal VM with
server compiler, or run also the host code in with Graal compiler. But
this does not affect the OpenCL execution. What are you trying to do? 


On Sat, 2016-05-21 at 19:09 +0430, Bahram Yarahmadi wrote:
> Hello guys
> I am using graal in a hosted mode.I built a project and with the help
> of
> Reflection APIs and Graal resolved types and static analysis ,I built
> the
> Graal IR from my specific method and with openCL backend which I
> have,I
> generated OpenCL C
> I have a question
> I just want to use the graal just for generating OpenCL code from
> some
> Specific method which I personally generate Graal IR and the rest of
> the
> program must be treated as a normal java program,What shoud I do ?
> Should I
> generate Graal IR for the rest of the program to ?
> This is the logic of my program (Just for clarifyintg )
> //ResolveJavaMethod method=my specified method
> //Generate graphIR from the method
> //Do some Optimizations and static analysis
> //Generate High opencl Backend
> //??????????????
> I don't know what to do to hook the rest of the program in a normal
> way
> Thanks,

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