Running jcstress

Andrew Haley aph at
Thu Nov 17 14:33:59 UTC 2016

On 17/11/16 14:21, Doug Simon wrote:
> mx vm -XX:+UseJVMCICompiler -jar $HOME/jcstress/tests-custom/target/jcstress.jar
> To double check that Graal is compiling the relevant methods:
> mx vm -XX:+UseJVMCICompiler -Dgraal.PrintCompilation=true -jar $HOME/jcstress/tests-custom/target/jcstress.jar

Ah.  That doesn't work because jcstress swallows the output of the subprocess.
So you never see any jcstress methods compiled.

> And, as always, to see the java launcher command being issued by mx, use the -v option:
> mx -v vm -XX:+UseJVMCICompiler -jar $HOME/jcstress/tests-custom/target/jcstress.jar




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