Unsafe.storeFence produces a floating fence

Andrew Haley aph at redhat.com
Fri Nov 18 15:45:53 UTC 2016

Here's a jcstress test:

public class ShortFencedTest {

    Shell shell;

    public static class Shell {
        short x;

        public Shell() {
            this.x = (short) 0xFFFF;

    public void actor1() {
        shell = new Shell();

    public void actor2(ShortResult1 r) {
        Shell sh = shell;
        r.r1 = (sh == null) ? 42 : sh.x;


the problem is that the call to storeFence() floats above the store to
this.x in Shell().  In fact, it even floats past the object creation.

Here's the generated assembly code for actor1.  The storeFence has floated past
the creation of the object, all the way to the entry point of actor1:

[Verified Entry Point]
  0x0000007fa5593900: nop
  0x0000007fa5593904: sub	x8, sp, #0x4, lsl #12
  0x0000007fa5593908: str	xzr, [x8]
  0x0000007fa559390c: sub	sp, sp, #0x30
  0x0000007fa5593910: stp	x29, x30, [sp,#32]
  0x0000007fa5593914: dmb	ish             ;*invokevirtual storeFence {reexecute=0 rethrow=0 return_oop=0}
                                                ; - sun.misc.Unsafe::storeFence at 3 (line 1215)
                                                ; - org.openjdk.jcstress.tests.init.primitives.fenced.ShortFencedTest$Shell::<init>@12 (line 47)
                                                ; - org.openjdk.jcstress.tests.init.primitives.fenced.ShortFencedTest::actor1 at 5 (line 53)

  0x0000007fa5593918: orr	x0, xzr, #0x60
  0x0000007fa559391c: ldr	x2, [x28,x0]
  0x0000007fa5593920: orr	x3, xzr, #0x70
  0x0000007fa5593924: ldr	x3, [x28,x3]
  0x0000007fa5593928: add	x4, x2, #0x10
  0x0000007fa559392c: cmp	x4, x3
  0x0000007fa5593930: b.hi	0x0000007fa55939bc
  0x0000007fa5593934: str	x4, [x28,x0]
  0x0000007fa5593938: orr	x0, xzr, #0x180
  0x0000007fa559393c: nop
  0x0000007fa5593940: mov	x0, xzr
  0x0000007fa5593944: orr	x3, xzr, #0x1
  0x0000007fa5593948: str	x3, [x2,x0]
  0x0000007fa559394c: orr	x0, xzr, #0x8
  0x0000007fa5593950: mov	x3, #0xd0000               	// #851968
                                                ;   {metadata('org/openjdk/jcstress/tests/init/primitives/fenced/ShortFencedTest$Shell')}
  0x0000007fa5593954: movk	x3, #0x83f8
  0x0000007fa5593958: str	w3, [x2,x0]
  0x0000007fa559395c: orr	x0, xzr, #0xc
  0x0000007fa5593960: str	wzr, [x2,x0]
  0x0000007fa5593964: dmb	ish
  0x0000007fa5593968: mov	x0, x2
  0x0000007fa559396c: orr	x2, xzr, #0xc
  0x0000007fa5593970: orr	x3, xzr, #0xffff
  0x0000007fa5593974: strh	w3, [x0,x2]
  0x0000007fa5593978: orr	x2, xzr, #0xc
  0x0000007fa559397c: lsr	x0, x0, #3
  0x0000007fa5593980: str	w0, [x1,x2]     ;*putfield shell {reexecute=0 rethrow=0 return_oop=0}
                                                ; - org.openjdk.jcstress.tests.init.primitives.fenced.ShortFencedTest::actor1 at 8 (line 53)

  0x0000007fa5593984: lsr	x1, x1, #9
  0x0000007fa5593988: mov	x0, #0xf000                	// #61440
  0x0000007fa559398c: movk	x0, #0xafe5, lsl #16
  0x0000007fa5593990: movk	x0, #0x7f, lsl #32
  0x0000007fa5593994: add	x1, x1, x0
  0x0000007fa5593998: mov	x0, xzr
  0x0000007fa559399c: strb	wzr, [x1,x0]
  0x0000007fa55939a0: ldp	x29, x30, [sp,#32]
  0x0000007fa55939a4: add	sp, sp, #0x30
  0x0000007fa55939a8: mov	x8, #0x5000                	// #20480
                                                ;   {poll_return}
  0x0000007fa55939ac: movk	x8, #0xb4fd, lsl #16
  0x0000007fa55939b0: movk	x8, #0x7f, lsl #32
  0x0000007fa55939b4: ldr	wzr, [x8]       ;   {poll_return}
  0x0000007fa55939b8: ret                       ;*return {reexecute=0 rethrow=0 return_oop=0}
                                                ; - org.openjdk.jcstress.tests.init.primitives.fenced.ShortFencedTest::actor1 at 11 (line 54)

UnsafeFencePlugin looks like:

    public static class UnsafeFencePlugin implements InvocationPlugin {

        private final int barriers;

        public UnsafeFencePlugin(int barriers) {
            this.barriers = barriers;

        public boolean apply(GraphBuilderContext b, ResolvedJavaMethod targetMethod, Receiver unsafe) {
            // Emits a null-check for the otherwise unused receiver
            b.add(new MembarNode(barriers));
            return true;

MembarNode is a FixedWithNextNode, but in this case it's simply added to the

I'd love to have an opportunity to fix this bug, but I'd like some guidance.


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