RFR: 8201318: Introduce GCThreadLocalData to abstract GC-specific data belonging to a thread

Andrew Haley aph at redhat.com
Sun Apr 15 10:03:11 UTC 2018

On 04/14/2018 01:29 PM, Doug Simon wrote:
>> In the meantime, be aware that Graal development on JDK11 is broken
>> until this change is pushed to Graal.  As far as I know, Graal changes
>> are supposed to be reviewed by Graal developers.
> Changes like this one can be reviewed by anyone in the HotSpot
> compiler team or Graal team.

That's good to know.  The change is obviously correct, but it needs to
be handled correctly.

For my information, though, I presume "changes like this" means simple
changes to JVMCI.  That right?

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