AArch64Address.lea missed BASE_REGISTER_ONLY case

Andrew Dinn adinn at redhat.com
Thu Mar 1 11:32:48 UTC 2018

On 01/03/18 11:03, Gilles Duboscq wrote:

> These `lea` method seem a bit strange: they accept an address but 
> choke on most `AddressingModes`.

They only choke on modes which make no sense. lea is there to do address
arithmetic -- whether the addend is a register value to be added to a
base register, a small constant to be added to the base register or a
potentially larger offset to be added to the PC. Passing in a
BASE_REGISTER address makes no sense because there is no arithmetic to
do in that case. It is essentially like asking to add 0 to an address to
get another address. While it is clear you can implement this as a
synonym for move I see no benefit in providing it as an alternative.

Comparing with AMD64 is a bit of a red herring because AMD64 is not
really a RISC architecture. It supports memory operations with complex
addresses that must be computed via address arithmetic on AArch64.

> Also, if you look at the AMD64 or SPARC addresses, instead of having
> an `AddressingMode` field, the addressing mode is derived from the
> state of the base, index, scale etc. fields.

Well, as I said AArch64 is not really comparable to AMD64 because it is
a much simpler RISC architecture. The way Graal models addresses allows
for all of base + reg + index + scale because AMD64 allows them all to
be present at once and independently. However, with AArch64 you cannot
employ both a register offset and immediate offset -- it is one or the
other -- scaling is related to the granularity of the datum being loaded
or stored etc. So, you really need to be careful drawing conclusions
about one from the other.


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