String.compareTo intrinsic for AArch64

Doug Simon doug.simon at
Mon Mar 19 14:34:54 UTC 2018

> On 19 Mar 2018, at 15:24, Dmitry Samersoff <dms at> wrote:
> Hi Everybody,
> I created a basic intrinsic for String.compareTo on AArch64
> Any comments are much appreciated.
> Q: Could someone explain to me how @Ignore("GR-8748") works?

@Ignore is a junit annotation that prevents a test being run. The value of the annotation is only a comment and is not interpreted by junit.

> 1. Where is bugtracker with GR-8748?

This is an Oracle-internal jira instance. The bug it relates to is described at

> 2. It looks like this keyword prevent test execution for all platforms
> and all jdk versions. Could we make it more precise?

You can replace the @Ignore on the test method with something like:

        Assume.assumeFalse(getTarget().arch instanceof AMD64);

Yudi: Is that what Dmitry should do while you're working on the fix for GR-8748?


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