Graal work on AArch64

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> On 19 Mar 2018, at 16:52, stewartd.qdt <stewartd.qdt at> wrote:
> Andrew,
> Thanks. I have CC'd the grail-dev list. 
> For the list  - I'd like to implement some basic support for instructions (CAS, LDADD) that are required for some intrisincs, such as getAndAdd/getAndSet functions. Just wanting to ensure I am not stepping on someone's in-process work.

I think it's fine from the Oracle side. Stefan Anzinger is working on the AArch64 stuff on this end and would let you know if there's any issue.


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>> I was thinking of adding some intrinsic support for getAndAdd* and getAndSet* functions in Graal for AArch64. This would require adding basic support for CAS and LDADD instructions to Graal, as well as a support(CPUFeature feature) function, which doesn't appear to exist for AArch64. However, I wanted to check with you first to ensure I was not implementing something which you are already doing for the AOT support. If this is something which you are already doing, I will certainly wait until you are complete. I was just attempting to find something fairly straightforward in the JIT for me to start with in Graal.
> That sounds reasonable.  We should probably cc: this conversation to the Graal list.
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