Developing with native-image/Truffle on OSX

Chris Seaton chris.seaton at
Sun May 6 23:27:07 UTC 2018

Most of us develop on macOS, so it’s definitely a fully supported platform for development.

If you want to get these components working as easily as possible, just get GraalVM EE macOS build from OTN and you will have everything you need. <>

If you want to build from source, some of them are easier than others.

I recommend you try the standalone SimpleLanguage first. This shows you how you might work if you were writing your own language. <>

To build the rest of Graal from source is fairly straight forward. Building a GraalVM tarball as per the release might take a bit of work but is definitely doable on macOS.

Are those pointers helpful?


> On 7 May 2018, at 00:21, Timothy Baldridge <tbaldridge at> wrote:
> Been planning to do a dive into SubstrateVM and Truffle, having written
> several interpreters in PyPy's toolchain. However, I can't seem to find any
> tutorials on how to get GrallVM, native-image, and Truffle all working on
> OSX. Is it possible today or do I need to dig up a Linux box?
> I don't mind building stuff from source, but the "Getting started" docs on
> Graal were a bit sparse, saying run `mx vm ` to start Graal, doesn't help
> me much.

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