native-image: jline substitution fails, because I don't use jline

Stefan Marr java at
Thu Sep 20 08:13:08 UTC 2018

Hi Christian:

> On 19 Sep 2018, at 19:30, Christian Wimmer <christian.wimmer at> wrote:
> The jline substitutions are only enabled when jline is on the classpath. This is done by checking if the class "jline.console.ConsoleReader" is found - we assume that if ConsoleReader is found, everything of jline is there. So some parts of jline (and maybe a older/newer version than what we support) must be on your classpath.

Turns out, I indeed had an old version of jline, which was hiding in some jar.
Didn’t remember that, and there was no source dependency to be found.
Removing it from the jar and SOMns-native builds successfully :)

Thank you

Stefan Marr
School of Computing, University of Kent

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