JVMCI 0.55 released

Doug Simon doug.simon at oracle.com
Thu Mar 7 09:56:41 UTC 2019

Changes in JVMCI 0.55 include:

* GR-14040: Be more careful about primitive types in boxing objects.
* GR-13950: Extended HotSpotVMConfigAccess API to query C++ field types.
* GR-13685: Serialize HotSpot speculations.
* GR-13844: Implement HotSpotObjectConstantImpl.hashCode properly.
* GR-13408: Free C allocated compilation failure message (JDK-8217445).
* GR-13412: Must only initialize JVMCIClassLoaderFactory from the VM.
* GR-13374: Expose some JVMTI capabilities via JVMCI.

This GR-13685 update introduces new JVMCI API that is now used by Graal. Any dependency on Graal also needs to update to jvmci-0.55 in CI configurations.

The OracleJDK based “labsjdk” binaries are available at https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/oracle-labs/program-languages/downloads/index.html (in the lower half of the page).

The OpenJDK based binaries are at https://github.com/graalvm/openjdk8-jvmci-builder/releases/tag/jvmci-0.55


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