JVMCI 0.56 released

Doug Simon doug.simon at oracle.com
Tue Mar 12 11:08:50 UTC 2019

Changes in JVMCI 0.56 include:

• GR-14359: Change TraceClassLoadingStack to TraceClassLoadingCause.
• GR-14361: Only exit VM only on unrecoverable exceptions in JVMCI.
• GR-14359: Re-add TraceClassLoadingStack flag.
• GR-14268: Revert some flag defaults for libgraal.
• GR-14278: Minor JVMCI fixes.
• GR-14244: Add missing type in `vmStructs_jvmci`.
• GR-14229: Reserve oops table slot for non-default HotSpotNmethod compiled by libgraal and fix its translation to HotSpot heap.
• GR-14207: Fix default implementation of hasBytecodes.
• GR-14043: Use Handle with asConstant.
• GR-14184: Avoid unnecessary allocation when validating speculations.
• GR-13955: Put HotSpotNmethod mirror into nmethod oops table.
• GR-14112: Remove new test from unsafe intrinsification.
• GR-14147: Fixed lazy collection of failed speculations.
• GR-14106: Properly create byte[].
• GR-14063: Add libgraal gate.

The OpenJDK based binaries are at https://github.com/graalvm/openjdk8-jvmci-builder/releases/tag/jvmci-0.56

The OracleJDK based “labsjdk” binaries will be available soon at https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/oracle-labs/program-languages/downloads/index.html (in the lower half of the page).


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