Truffle on stock OpenJDK >= 11

Jaroslav Tulach jaroslav.tulach at
Thu Mar 21 05:28:19 UTC 2019

Hello Raffaello,
recently I needed a "getting started" project for educational purposes. I've 

The `` class is all that is needed to switch into Truffle compilation 
mode and use all the Truffle APIs to "talk to the compiler".


> Given that Graal is part of recent stock OpenJDKs, is it possible to use
> Truffle on them? This is not stated explicitly on the Truffle GitHub
> repo [1], which mentions prebuilts in GraalVM but does not mention OpenJDK.
> More generally, which components of GraalVM listed in [2] can be built
> and used on OpenJDK 11 or newer?
> Greetings
> Raffaello
> ----
> [1]
> [2]

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