x86 FMA intrinsic support design

Halimi, Jean-Philippe jean-philippe.halimi at intel.com
Fri Mar 29 00:04:49 UTC 2019


I am currently looking into adding support for FMA intrinsics in Graal. I would like to share what I plan to do to make sure it is how it should be implemented.

1.       Add VexRVMOp class support in AMD64Assembler with the corresponding FMA instructions

a.       It requires to add the VexOpAssertion.FMA and CPUFeature.FMA flags

2.       Add UseFMA flag from HotSpot flags in GraalHotSpotVMConfig.java

3.       Add a registerFMA method in AMD64GraphBuilderPlugins::registerMathPlugins

a.       This requires to add a specific FMAIntrinsicNode, which will emit the corresponding FMA instructions.

Is there anything else that is needed in this case?

Thanks for your insights,

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