JVMCI 0.57 released

Gilles Duboscq gilles.m.duboscq at oracle.com
Fri Mar 29 13:57:43 UTC 2019

OK got it.

In the meanwhile, ianal but as far as i know JVMCI is GPLv2 with classpath exception so i guess you could have a copy of a built `jvmci-api.jar` from graal-jvmci-8 in your repo (~320kB).
You can then point your build to that.
(I understand this is sub-optimal)


On 26/03/2019 18:01, David Lloyd wrote:
> Basically I want to pilot a few possible optimizations outside of the
> SubstrateVM tree, some of which might be very specific to a particular
> library.  Some of these might end up as upstream feature requests or
> PRs to SubstrateVM, and some might just end up getting discarded.  But
> regardless, any manipulation of the compile tree is not possible
> without the more specific `GraalFeature` API AFAICT.
> I'm not too worried about breaking changes because we're presently
> mandating specific SubstrateVM version(s) to be used with the Quarkus
> project.  But, I don't really want to force people to use GraalVM or
> the Labs SDK to*build*  Quarkus as it might really discourage outside
> development/contribution.

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