RFR: 8230129: Add jtreg "serviceability/sa/ClhsdbInspect.java" to graal problem list.

Xiaohong Gong (Arm Technology China) Xiaohong.Gong at arm.com
Mon Sep 2 02:03:54 UTC 2019

Hi dean,

  Currently there is not a master bug for this issue. A similar issue is JDK-8216181, but it is not entirely same. I'm not sure whether the root cause is the same one. So I will make this issue as the master bug and create another SubTask for it. Thanks.

Xiaohong Gong

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Isn't it the correct process that there should be a master bug for fixing the test or underlying issue, then use that bug number for the problem list entry, and push it using a SubTask.  For example, see the relationship between JDK-8229447 and JDK-8229446 as an example.


On 8/27/19 12:14 AM, Xiaohong Gong (Arm Technology China) wrote:
> Hi,
>    Please help to review this small patch:
>    Webrew: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~pli/rfr/8230129/webrev.00/
>    JBS: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8230129
>    Jtreg test "serviceability/sa/ClhsdbInspect.java" fails when running with Graal. It fails when inspecting an address to check whether it's pointing to an expected oop
> or method, which is printed by running "jstack -v" firstly.
>    When running with graal, it needs more java heap for the JVMCI initialization and the compiler working. So it's inevitable to make GC happen during the application
> running. If GC happens after runnning "jstack", the actual address of the oops and methods may be different when running "inpsect". And the address inspected may
> point to other object or nothing.
>    A simple fix is to add this test to the graal problem list.
> Thanks,
> Xiaohong Gong

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