[OpenJDK Rasterizer] Rasterizer replacement proposal

Jim Graham Jim.A.Graham at Sun.COM
Mon Jun 11 14:43:44 PDT 2007

Hi Roman,

The status on the pluggability API is that it is now completed and in 
our 2D integration workspaces waiting to go through the testing and 
promotion queues.  The best current estimate as to when all of that 
process will be done is that it will probably appear on the OpenJDK 
project site the end of next week.

In the meantime, I'm attaching a zip file of the javadoc output on the 
new classes so you can start looking at the API.  Keep in mind that I 
mentioned earlier that this was not intended to be the eventual final 
API that allows alternate implementations to play nicely on a level 
playing field in the long run, but more of a stopgap temporary milestone 
on the road to producing an all-open JDK.  To that end, I identified 
basically just 3 places where our common code depended on the Ductus 
library and produced a very basic plugin interface containing 3 methods 
for those cases.  The plugin has been tested with a NOP stub, but not an 
alternate implementation.

 From here I definitely want to start opening up the discussion for some 
more extensive work to plug in (or even replace) new renderers.  I'd 
like our goal to be a fully open implementation that performs much 
better than the current collection of diverse rasterizers and not have 
separate production vs. open implementations moving forward...


Roman Kennke wrote:
> Hi there,
>> Thanks for this. Jim Graham is the best person to comment
>> on this but he's on vacation until next week some time.
> I'm also back from my honeymoon vacation now. Has anybody had the time
> to review my rasterizer yet?
> /Roman
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