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Iris Clark iris.clark at
Fri Apr 9 19:59:49 UTC 2021

Hi, Jesper.

I second "make docs".  That and "make clean" are my most used make targets when I'm working on the platform JSR.  (Yes, that's pretty unique and rather specific...)

Note that a number of classes in the javadoc API are generated during the build, so "make docs" might do more than simply invoke javadoc, depending on the state of your build.


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If updating the javadoc, I recommend "make docs" to check the results.


On 4/9/2021 4:42 AM, Jesper Wilhelmsson wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm writing a section about building the JDK from source and need some inspiration :-)
> What make targets do you normally use and why?
> Thanks!
> /Jesper

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