6559156: My favorite defect

Gary Benson gbenson at redhat.com
Wed Nov 21 02:06:24 PST 2007

rgougol at email.sjsu.edu wrote:
> I wish I could trace the server compiler at this file using
> GDB. However, while trace virtual machine launcher of openjdk
> fastdebug with GDB, it produces a new process and then goes
> beyond the control.  Can you tell me how I may trace the C2
> optimizations with GDB and how to put the break point for the
> new process that is produced using GDB?

  (gdb) help set follow-fork-mode
  Set debugger response to a program call of fork or vfork.
  A fork or vfork creates a new process.  follow-fork-mode can be:
    parent  - the original process is debugged after a fork
    child   - the new process is debugged after a fork
  The unfollowed process will continue to run.
  By default, the debugger will follow the parent process.


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