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Mon Nov 26 07:12:48 PST 2007


i am a student currently working on a diploma thesis for which i develop a
simple JitProfiler/JitCompiler (PPC architecture) for a realtime Java-VM.
That VM is using a fixed priority preemptive Scheduler. To ensure the
realtime capability, the compilation task is running on the lowest priority.

 As I have seen in some tests the compilation task won´t get enough cpu time
for his work cause its running on lowest priority. So a different more
aggressive strategy was needed. Therefore i have implemented a self
contained Scheduler for the jit compilation task. This ensures that the
compilation task will get at least a little bit of time for his work by
increasing the priority to 10 (still below realtime priorities). As far as
it works fine now. But i got / still have some small problems ....

 So in particular i would like to ask here if there is somebody who can
provide me with information about the scheduling of Hotspot or different

 If there are any questions feel free to write an email to me :) I would be
very thankful getting useful information :)


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