Defect 6612732

Chuck Rasbold Chuck.Rasbold at Sun.COM
Thu Nov 29 08:36:17 PST 2007

To reproduce the problem, have you tried using the flags "-client -Xcomp 
-XX:CompileThreshold=100 -XX:UseSSE=1" ?

-- Chuck Rasbold

rgougol at wrote:
> Thanks for all the feadbacks in advance. So I switched to this defect, 
> . The problem is 
> basically that C1 computes Double.MAX_VALUE * Double.MAX_VALUE == 
> Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY incorrectably false which should be true. The defect 
> is reproduced by invoking java -Xcomp -XX:UseSSE=1 . However this defect is not 
> reproduced in mixed mode even if the problematic method contains a large loop 
> and does get compiled?! Does it mean this defeat is extra complicated too? I 
> thought I should catch the defect starting from the function 
> LIRGenerator::do_ArithmeticOp_FPU(ArithmeticOp*) . However this function is 
> catched by GDB after the compilation of the problematic method?! Would it be 
> the right method to start tracing from?
> Sincerely,
> Nima Rouhollah Gougol

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