a hotspot-powered Javascript engine

Sal svferro at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 11:19:03 PST 2008

Hi - I'm new to the list, if this is the wrong place to ask please forgive

I recently have been reviewing the openjdk codebase, and have been thinking
to attempt a javascript-engine which is based on the openjdk.

The idea: to give the same performance to javascript, in a web browser that
of Java. (Or close to it.).  And create an engine that can be embedded into
the different browsers (Chrome, firefox, etc.)

My question: Is there any existing project(s) already doing this? I would
hate to reinvent the wheel.   If not, can any experts on the list give any
potential roadblocks/advice to help along the effort?

Thanks much in advance!

- Sal
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