early review request (S): 6711908: JVM needs direct access to some annotations

John Rose John.Rose at Sun.COM
Thu Jun 12 13:14:36 PDT 2008

Here's an preliminary review request, for JVM-level annotation  


Fixed 6711908: JVM needs direct access to some annotations

Currently annotation processing is all at the Java level.  This works  
well, except for annotations which the low-level code of the JVM  
wants to look at.

Provide hook to scan annotations in the class file parser, before the  
instanceKlass is created.

Most of the textual changes work to delay the creation of the  
instanceKlass until the whole class file has been parsed.

This change, by itself, does not parse any particular annotation.  It  
provides a common starting point for experiments with annotations.   
The first use of it is likely to be either a hybrid array mechanism  
or a injection of advice to the hotspot-specific compiler oracle.

UNFINISHED: The stubbed out annotation types will not go back in the  
form given.  Also, there will be an entry point for scanning  
annotations lazily (from other modules in the JVM).  I'll update the  
webrev when this is done.

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