SPECjvm2008 compiler version error

Rouhollah Gougol rgougol at gmail.com
Sat Apr 4 12:49:57 PDT 2009

Dear all:

When I try to run SPECjvm2008 on opejdk 7 that I built myself, it gives a
check error and stops. SPECjvm2008 though does not have that problem with
JDK1.7.0 built that I downloaded from sun.com though. So there must
something wrong with my building of jdk.  I attached the error and my script
that built openjdk. Thanks for any comment in advance.

 Benchmark:   check
  Run mode:    static run
  Test type:   functional
  Threads:     1
  Iterations:  1
  Run length:  1 operation

Iteration 1 (1 operation) begins: Sat Apr 04 05:46:20 PDT 2009
Iteration 1 (1 operation) ends:   Sat Apr 04 05:46:20 PDT 2009
Iteration 1 (1 operation) result: FAILED

Errors in benchmark: check
  [iter=1] Interrupted when joining benchmark thread 0: null
  [iter=1] java.lang.InterruptedException: null
java.lang.Object.wait(Native Method)

  [iter=1] Iteration failed.
  [iter=1][bt:1|op:1] Validation failure on line 9.
    Expected output:
    [008] 2nd bounds test:    OK
    [009] testIf:     OK
    [010] testArray:  OK
    [011] testBitOps: OK
    [012] testFor:    OK
    [013] testDiv:    OK
    [014] ...

    Received output:
    [008] 2nd bounds test:    OK
    [009] Compiler version test:    failed
    [010] testIf:     OK
    [011] testArray:  OK
    [012] testBitOps: OK
    [013] testFor:    OK
    [014] ...

Complete output:
Validation file: /SPECjvm2008/resources/check/validity.check.dat

No benchmarks will be run, since initial check test failed.

The Javac version test in check failed.
The Javac version must be the one included in SPECjvm2008.
There is a known issue with this for Java on Mac OS X, including a
For more info, see ./docs/KnownIssues.html

Here is the script I use to build hotspot:
export ALT_BOOTDIR=/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.6.0-openjdk-
export ALT_BINARY_PLUGS_PATH=$BASE/openjdk-binary-plugs
export ALT_JDK_IMPORT_PATH=$BASE/jdk1.7.0
export ANT_HOME=$BASE/apache-ant-1.7.1
export LANG=C
export FINDBUGS_HOME=$BASE/findbugs-1.3.6-rc2
export BUILD_HOTSPOT=true
#export DEBUG_NAME=fastdebug
#export BUILD_JDK=true
export BUILD_LANGTOOLS=false
export BUILD_JAXP=false
export BUILD_JAXWS=false
export BUILD_CORBA=false
export BUILD_DEPLOY=false
export DEV_ONLY=true
export SKIP_DEBUG_BUILD=true

# export
# export ALT_FREETYPE_LIB_PATH=/media/disk-1/openjdk/freetype-2.3.7/bin/lib
cd $BASE/$1openjdk
make clean
make all
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