Request for reviews (XS): 6826960: C2 Sparc: assert(bb->_nodes[_bb_end]->is_Proj(), "skipping projections after expected call")

Vladimir Kozlov Vladimir.Kozlov at Sun.COM
Mon Apr 6 17:09:41 PDT 2009

Fixed 6826960: C2 Sparc: assert(bb->_nodes[_bb_end]->is_Proj(),"skipping projections after expected call")

Scheduling code expects Halt nodes only after uncommon_trap calls.
The fix for 6823453 generates Halt nodes for unreachable paths
after allocations. Such Halt nodes are placed in separate blocks.

Add the check when a Halt node is placed in a separate block.

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Fix verified (y/n): y, bug test

Other testing:

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