for review (XXL): 6655638 method handles for invokedynamic

Tom Rodriguez Thomas.Rodriguez at Sun.COM
Tue Apr 7 09:35:27 PDT 2009

>> Not very satisfying.  But I don't want to fight the NULL_WORD battle.
> Maybe Xiaobin's fix to NULL_WORD isn't in the repo you're working  
> from or maybe I misunderstood the extent of the fix.  I agree there  
> are quite a few casts of NULL_WORD to int32_t so I guess you can  
> keep it as you originally had it, in particular for cmpptr.  movptr  
> generally doesn't have the cast.  Sorry for the diversion.

I looked into this a little bit and it's because cmpptr is strangely  
defined to take an int32_t:

   void cmpptr(Register src1, int32_t src2) { LP64_ONLY(cmpq(src1,  
src2)) NOT_LP64(cmpl(src1, src2)) ; }
   void cmpq(Register dst, int32_t imm32);

I think this is a historical oddity that we should fix someday but not  
something we need to worry about for your change.


> tom
>> -- John

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