Request for reviews (S): 6827505: sizing logic for vtable and itable stubs needs self-check

Tom Rodriguez Thomas.Rodriguez at Sun.COM
Tue Apr 7 19:11:46 PDT 2009

>> For x64 (64-bit x86) the address could be unreachable,
>> so the slop should be large:
>> void MacroAssembler::jump(AddressLiteral dst) {
>> if (reachable(dst)) {
>>   jmp_literal(, dst.rspec());
>> } else {
>>   lea(rscratch1, dst);
>>   jmp(rscratch1);
>> }
>> }
> Yes, but the stubs inherently jump through a register, not to a  
> fixed external address.

I assume he was referring to the ICCE handler which is a fixed  
external address.  It was always be reachable since it must be an  
address in the code cache so I'm not sure it matters.


> I can add these points as comments, if you want.  What do you think?
> -- John

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