review request (S) 6866585 debug code in ciObjectFactory too slow

Keith McGuigan Keith.McGuigan at Sun.COM
Thu Aug 6 12:27:27 PDT 2009

Tom Rodriguez wrote:
> I don't think the compiler was the main constraint for where symbols 
> live and whether they can be reordered.  I thought symbol and method 
> lookup in the core of the VM relied on the ordering as well?  See 
> symbolOopDesc::fast_compare.  Why would moving the symbols out of perm 
> be a good idea?

Yes, fast_compare() uses the ordering as well (and that too, could be 
rewritten).  That's why I said there was more to it than just the CI.

I'm not sure if moving symbols out of perm would be a splendid idea or 
not... just something I've been wanting to prototype.

- Keith

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